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Lexington Tile Installation
Lexington Tile Installation
Lexington Tile Installation
Lexington Tile Installation

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Lippage removal: Lippage occurs when the edges of the tiles or slabs are not at the same level with each other. ... Before polishing a marble floor and for the best result any tile lippage should be removed, the surface made flat.

Honing: A light grinding action aimed at removing dull areas, scratches, etch marks, water stains. It is the phase that precedes the polishing. It is also a smooth and scratch-free finish with little or no sheen for stones that can’t be polished.

Polishing: With issues like uneven finish, dull spots, etches can diminish the elegant appearance of your stone. Once the honing is complete, we polish your stone back to its original beauty.

Sealing: Once your stone or grout is restored we recommend enhancing its stain resistance by sealing it. All stones are naturally porous some more than others. Left unsealed, there is the risk that the stone will absorb staining agents, thus discoloring your beautiful stone.

Color sealing: Color sealing is a sealer that has several purposes. It can change the grout if that is what is wanted. If cleaning could not remove all the stains, the colorant can be applied and refresh the existing grout.

Stain removal: Depending on the stone and the type of stain we use a poultice and mix with a reacting solution. Knowing the type of stain is helpful. Not knowing the type of stain leads to trial and error to find the correct reacting solution. Most stains can be removed. Some will require a hone and polish once the stain is removed.

Deep cleaning: Stone, tile, and grout cleaning vary based on surface condition and type of dirt. We have an arsenal of highly effective eco-friendly solutions that seep deep into the pores. We then remove the dirt through vacuuming leaving nothing behind except the return of the stone and grout's brilliance. We use a four-stage cleaning process: solutions-heat-pressure-extraction.

Chip/crack repair: Do you have cracks or chips in your stone? Do you have broken tiles? Before you replace, consider our repair service. We can custom match your, fill holes and cracks and blend the repair through honing and polishing with a uniform finish.

Tile restoration: In line with chip and crack repair, we can also restore and match grout, and if need be, hone and polish to match the finish as closely as possible.